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How can I get more power out of my V8S5?

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So I just recently bought a used B8 S5.. got it with 58,000 miles for 20 grand and is by far my biggest purchase yet (I’m 21 don’t hate lol) first things first it’s burning through coolant right off the bat after 7 days of owning it but that’s besides the point. I’m seeing that getting a tune and new exhaust and cold air intake really won’t do much and I need a turbo or super charger. Is there really no way to get it to 400-450 WHP without turbo , super charger or NOS? I feel disappointed as if I purchased the wrong car:confused:
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Forced induction is the way to go buddy

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HI, can you send more pictures and description of a setup ? It it kit P&P or you need to modify half of a car ? results from Dyno ?
Off the top of my head. I'm sure I'm still missing plenty of stuff.

Exterior Body (Front):
*RS5 Styled Front Bumper
*B8.5 Quattro Grille
*Red Mist Racing Cross Bar
*B8.5 Euro Headlights
*B8.5 Hood/Bonnet
*Jaguar XJR OEM Carbon Fiber Hood Vents (Pressed-in)

Exterior Body Side:
* ABT Side Skirts
*Auto Folding Mirrors in Carbon Fiber with Heat, Blind Side Assist and Full Dynamic Turn indicators.
*VS Forged Rims 20x10 ET25 (21lbs)
*Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 (285/30/20) Tires
*Brembo 4 Piston Brake Calipers
ECS Tuning SS Brake Lines
JHM Lightweight Rotors

Exterior Body Rear:
*RS5 Styled Rear Bumper
*RS5 Retractable Spoiler Skinned in Carbon Fiber with Carbon Fiber Lip Extension.
*B8.5 Euro Taillights with Full Dynamic Turn Indicators
Akrapovic Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips

*Magma Red & Black Nappa Leather interior Door cards and Seats.
*Carbon Fiber Atlas OEM door and Center Console trims.
* Carbon Fiber Flat Top + Bottom Steering Wheel
*Carbon Fiber Atlas Tachometer Trim
*Carbon Fiber Atlas Steering Column Trim
*Carbon Fiber Atlas MMI Trim
*Carbon Fiber Atlas 12V Cover Trim
*Carbon Fiber Atlas Interior Door Handle Trim.
*Carbon Fiber Atlas Seat Trims
*MMI 3G HNAV+ (Upgrade)
*RS Nav 8.8" S3 Nav
*Retractable Spoiler Retrofit (Auto/Manual)
*Rear Sunshade Retrofit
*APS Plus Parking sensors Retrofit (8-way Module )
*Hill Hold Assist Retrofit
*Sport Shifters Shift Knob & Base

Performance Modifications
*Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger
*Upgrade to 3.8" Pulley (More Boost!!!)
*Direct Port Methanal Injection
*Boost-A-Pump (Fueling)
*4 Pass Dual Core Heat Exchanger (HX)
*CWA100-3 Pumps (2) Upgrade
*Tiny CWA (Pumps Controller)
*RS Lower Side Grille HX Added
*JHM Race Pipes
*AWE Resonated Downpipes
*Capristo Center Resonator
*Capristo Mufflers

*ECS Tuning Short Shifter
*JXB Performance Shifter Plate
*JXB Performance Linkage Reinforcement
*ECS Tuning Stainless Steel Clutch Line
*JHM Lightweight Flywheel
*JHM 3R Clutch
*JHM R Series Pressure Plate
*Eurocode Transmission insert
*Eurocode Rear Differential Insert
*034 Motor Mounts

*Eurocode Front Sway Bar (SB)
*Eurocode Front SB Endlinks
*Eurocode Rear Sway Bar (SB)
*Eurocode Rear SB Endlinks
*ECS Tuning Control Arm Brace
*ECS Tuning Chassis Brace
*ECS Tuning Strut Bar
*Bilstein PSS10 Coilovers
*034 Upper and Lower Control Arms

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