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How can I get more power out of my V8S5?

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So I just recently bought a used B8 S5.. got it with 58,000 miles for 20 grand and is by far my biggest purchase yet (I’m 21 don’t hate lol) first things first it’s burning through coolant right off the bat after 7 days of owning it but that’s besides the point. I’m seeing that getting a tune and new exhaust and cold air intake really won’t do much and I need a turbo or super charger. Is there really no way to get it to 400-450 WHP without turbo , super charger or NOS? I feel disappointed as if I purchased the wrong car:confused:
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Forced induction is the way to go buddy

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HI, can you send more pictures and description of a setup ? It it kit P&P or you need to modify half of a car ? results from Dyno ?
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