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Hi new car old head

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Hello guys My name is Jack and I got more miles on the clock than I care to admit to. At the beginning of the year I took delivery of a new A5 sport back Black edition S-tronic mhev.
This is my 5Th Audi, 2xA4 and 3xA5 and my first ever automatic it is a super car to drive but I think I miss the manual shift. to my great surprise and something the dealer failed to mention, was the front and back of the car is not metal, I am now assuming it is some kind of composite fibre. hopefully not glass fibre. which brings be to three questions. what is the slap or error margin in the new A5 speedo? Are speed vans able to detect on a fibre body? O and does any one know what kind of fibre the front and rear of my car is made from. I do realise that this is probably the wrong place for these questions but I'm hoping someone will direct this post, or me to the right place to get an answer.
Thank you in advance

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Welcome to the group, Jack! Glad to have you here. Don't forget to search this site, it has a plethora of information regarding almost any question you may have.
Jack welcome on board mate!!! Speedos vary, my S4 is amazingly accurate but generally they over read by 5 to 10%, best to measure readings using any GPS. Any yes of course the rozzers can still book you mate they only need to read yer number plates!!!!
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