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HELP - rear center console pocket

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help me A5OC - i've run a cable through the center console to the storage area under the armrest, and through the little removable square panel in my 2015 A5 coupe.

this was made much easier by popping out the little pocket/shelf/storage panel at the very back of the center console, behind the can see the hinges for the armrest when it is is a pic of the empty space.

i was using that red string to help fish my cable before i realized i could pop out the panel.

problem is, now i can't get the panel to stick back in, it seems like it just wont latch onto the top clips and works itself free as i drive. is there some trick to getting the clips to engage? it seems like i just have to shove it in there 1mm more, but it just won't go.
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also, i printed the shop manual page. it does not seem to be of much use.


alright, well - that wraps things up nicely. thanks for all your help.

i figured this out on my own, it seems the 2 guides on the sides of the pocket were slightly deformed and would not permit the pocket to seat properly, some careful adjustment was all that was needed.

for posterity's sake, in the attached manual page, the procedure shows the wedge tool inserted below the pocket, i am pretty sure, at least in my 2015 coupe, that the wedge should go in the top to release it, and it should tilt forward, like an oven door, and then lift out.
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