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Hi Guys.
New member, looking for some info that I can't find online.
Looking at buying a 2014 Audi A5 2.0 tdi quattro black edition sportback with start/stop. 175bhp.
The car is an Automatic.
My question is what type of gearbox does this car have. I've read that the s tronic is a far better box to the multitronic, so just trying to figure out whats in it before I go to view it.
Any help would be grately appreciated.
Thanks guys.
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@Leer : Refer to the vehicle data sticker, affixed typically to the wall under the boot floor:
Hi, thanks for the reply, but I've not looked at car yet, trying to find out what box it is before travelling to take a look. Was hopeing someone might know if there was a certain box fitted to that model or was there an option.
if it is a quattro and an automatic than is must be s-tronic
multitronic is only on FWD
Fred44nl thanks for the reply, so if it is a stronic will it have paddle shift too, also is the stronic box the better one to have.
don't know about paddles as that could be an option.
this is not the same in every country.
s-tronic is excellent, like every other tranny, you have to service it properly.
Yeh have read they need well maintained, so I'm hopeing it will be on the service book as it has a fsh, if not paddles, can you manually change the gears by pressing gear lever forward and back.
can you manually change the gears by pressing gear lever forward and back.
yes, you can
first to the side, which makes it a manual box and than back and forth.
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Thanks for the help. I've also read that the s tronic is the box to have, is this correct.
@Leer : Why not ask seller for a picture of the vehicle data sticker? EU cars usually have it affixed in the maintenance schedule booklet, too. In your case, I think you're looking for option "1XX" (Leather-wrapped multifunction sports steering wheel w/ tiptronic), although it might not be indicated on the data sticker specifically. --g
1 last question I forgot, if the car is missing it's box service, 38k I think it is, should I walk away or would it be ok to get it gone if I buy it. The car has done 60 000miles.
If the car is has no other issues and everything else is sound and it is the right price, then don't let the gearbox service put you off.
You can get it done at an Audi dealer for £250 and then you have piece of mind.
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