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Help buying an A5

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Hi! I am looking into buying a 2008 A5 with the 1.8l tfsi. However the car i am looking at has 172,000km (100k miles) and had thrown a code for the cam sensor about four months ago. The owner didn’t have the code itself handy but after changing the sensor it didn’t go away. Now it wouldn’t start properly and he heard metallic sounds from the engine. Is it more probable that the timing chain has jumped and the engine is fried, or that there is a break in the circuit of the cam sensor causing the problems?
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That sounds like a lot of baggage - and potential expensive repairs. Personally, I wouldn't want to take the risk. You might also look up the oil burning issue that these cars have prior to 2013. I'm not saying that's what you have here, but its worth researching.
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Kirdid RUN AWAY from this car!!!!!
Kirdid RUN AWAY from this car!!!!!
Hahah thank you, i will
There are hundreds of A5’s for sale with a ‘clean bill of health’, why take an unnecessary risk?
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