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Hi to all,

I am proud to be joining this great members forum as a soon-to-be A5 owner and a life-long audi fan..

I am trying to pick through some knowledgable advice on the retro-fitting of the full body styling kit onto my soon-to-be recieved A5 2.7 TDI Sport in phantom black and cinnamon leather.

The accessories from audi's sport and design collection comprise of the following components:

Side skirts
Front spoiler with blade
Rear spoiler to sides of lower bumper?
Boot lid spoiler
Rear diffuser with blade

Are all of the above body styling parts easily retro-fitted, and if so how are the individual components most apropriately fitted onto my model of A5 e.g. bonded on, screws/clips etc?

I might not proceed with the fitting of the boot lid spoiler, judging from the negative feedback from members on some of the other threads. Especially as the fitting of this boot lid spoiler may most likely require screwing down, thereby voiding my anti-corrosion warranty?

I am not sure whether the rear spoiler to sides of lower bumper is a part of the rear diffuser with blade as it is not clear from the description. If they are seperate components then am I able to fit the one without the other?

As an optional extra I am getting the audi parking system advanced, will any of the body kit affect its functioning?

The rear diffuser with blade is purchased for either a 4-cylinder model or a 6-cylinder model. The pictures for the two look very similar, what are their differences and which will be the apropriate one for my 2.7 Tdi sport?

Finally which colour or combination of colours will visually present the car best as my A5 will be in phantom black?

Methodical and concise advice will be appreciated to help alleviate my uncertainties and nerves in undertaking the purchases and of relegating the tasks of spraying and fitting by my local small body shop.

I might come across as oblivious to some of the experts and enthusiasts reading this, but this is down to the lack of a real visual representation of my soon-to-be delivered A5 2.7 tdi sports and I've not had the leisure to view the model in situ at the dealership.

I will be grateful for all constructive advice.

Thanks :D
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