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Help- 2013 A5 build and tune level

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Hey Everyone! I’m in the military overseas and looking to build my Audi when I get back to the states and I could use some help with what stage tune I should go with!
I’ll start by listing what I’ve got on the car already:
RKX turbo muffler delete (via Amazon)
GFB diverter valve
Stasis 3” dual exit exhaust ( was for an a4, but I didn’t want my resonator anyways.)
I’ve taken my stock Air box off and rigged a KN cone filter onto the stock inlet pipe and it’s mounted behind the passenger side headlight
That’s it, it’s not too loud unless I want it to be, however it is noisy in the best way. I haven’t noticed any significant gains other than the turbo spooling a bit quicker.
Now I’m looking at adding:
R8 ignition coils
IE 3” high flow cat and downpipe

Is there anything I should add to the build to keep things stable on stock internals, or are there internals I should upgrade? with that, should I go stage 1 or 2, and with a branded tune or a custom one?
this is my daily driver and I really don’t want to destroy my block.
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I really appreciate the info and the help. I’ll make sure to add an intercooler to my list. I’ll probably go with stage 1 for now, with plans to go stage 2 with a custom tune later on. Thanks a lot mate!
Danny mate what engine and gearbox is your car????
If I remember correctly it’s got the B8/ the 8 speed… tiptronic I wanna say.
So the 3200 V6 engine???? I LOVED mine......
Sorry for replying so late… military things I suppose. It’s the 4cylinder 2.0t
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