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Help- 2013 A5 build and tune level

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Hey Everyone! I’m in the military overseas and looking to build my Audi when I get back to the states and I could use some help with what stage tune I should go with!
I’ll start by listing what I’ve got on the car already:
RKX turbo muffler delete (via Amazon)
GFB diverter valve
Stasis 3” dual exit exhaust ( was for an a4, but I didn’t want my resonator anyways.)
I’ve taken my stock Air box off and rigged a KN cone filter onto the stock inlet pipe and it’s mounted behind the passenger side headlight
That’s it, it’s not too loud unless I want it to be, however it is noisy in the best way. I haven’t noticed any significant gains other than the turbo spooling a bit quicker.
Now I’m looking at adding:
R8 ignition coils
IE 3” high flow cat and downpipe

Is there anything I should add to the build to keep things stable on stock internals, or are there internals I should upgrade? with that, should I go stage 1 or 2, and with a branded tune or a custom one?
this is my daily driver and I really don’t want to destroy my block.
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Hi Danny welcome to the forums.

With stock settings and a stage 1 remap you should see significant gains in HP and torque. If you go with a branded remap you won’t achieve the top end results but again works within a reasonable range and usually a respectable gain for performance/price. Then you come to custom maps which takes a minimum 2/3 hours and will be written for your car specifically which will give you the best performance and gains but usually at a higher price point.

In terms of reliability I’ll just say this, that any remap will exacerbate any weak points and also add further load to your car from your wheels all the way through your transmission and engine. That’s the risk you have to weigh in when doing this 👍🏻


Ps everything you’ve upgraded so far is brill, if you swap your intercooler to a bigger aftermarket one and continue with your IE high flow cat, stage 2 will bring out the best of the mods you’ve done 🙌🏻
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