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Audi S5 Black Edition Mrc Stage 2
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Hi Dave, good job and excellent write up from you as usual.
This is something I have thought about upgrading for nearly the last 2 years but have never had a genuine reason to do it. I have discussed this countless time with my tuner and while I am staying at stage 2 - there advice is there no need to upgrade unless I change the throttle body and push for more power.

My car has been on MRC's rolling road 6x in 3.5 years and as far as I am aware not suffered with high intake temperatures during mapping or health checks.
Initially when I took the car for a stage 1 in May 2018 the air temperature was 21 degrees and the car made 453bhp. I took it back to Mrc for a health check in January 2019 and the air temps were 7 degrees and the car made 450 bhp but the torque had increased slightly.
I have flushed the entire cooling system twice since owning the car and refilled with genuine G13 coolant on both occasions and the results have been the same since going to stage 2 whether it was on the Martec rolling road or the Dynojet rollers.
Please keep us posted with the results when you revisit your tuner
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