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Headlight replacement

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Is there any diferences in adaptive cornering headlight with oem number 8T0 941 032 and 8T0 941 754 ?
Apparently audi first made the ''032'' version and then replaced those with ''754''.
Can anyone confirm that these to have for example exact same led color temperature?
Thank you for your answers.
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Personally, I would stick with the part number from your original car.

Audi have a great way of changing certain parts and having different modules or controllers.

It’s almost always a good idea to keep to original part numbers when replacing expensive parts so you know 100% compatibility and in your case colour temperature match.

Also looking at the two part numbers I couldn’t honestly tell them apart except that the latter part number with 754 was the non adaptive composite headlight.

Thank you, I'll buy exact same replacement. It would be much safer way to go.
Anyway thank you for your help. Have nice day
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