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I have this on my car; the spacers look the business and the lower ride height also adds a much more menacing stance.

Here are some pics:

(original post:

On the motorway, the ride is not an issue at all - it's perfectly good.

The one thing you really need to compromise on is the limited ground clearance (see my previous post). I find that I can't straddle speed humps any more, and have to be very careful with ridges and 'steps' in the road surface. It's incredible easy to whack the under-tray of the car.

In the recent snow, my car was more like a snow plough than a car...

That aside, it's perfectly livable. You just need to get used to people queuing up behind you impatiently as you navigate speed hump-strewn roads at 15mph!

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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