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Dear All

Have an 18 month old A5 3.0 TDi with 19inch wheels etc. Will be at APS next week for a remap / exhaust upgrade.

Question is, do I go with H & R Springs and spacers at the same time (i.e. do a complete upgrade in one go). I did ask Ed about this and to be fair he gave me an expected answer (it looks good etc but the ride is quite hard etc).

I use the car a lot and eat up miles on the motorway etc. For those of you in the UK (i.e. that know our roads!) that have had this conversion, is it really something you can live with everyday??!!

I want to give Ed a yes or no Tuesday morning so any feedback today / tonight would be very useful!

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I have this on my car; the spacers look the business and the lower ride height also adds a much more menacing stance.

Here are some pics:

(original post:

On the motorway, the ride is not an issue at all - it's perfectly good.

The one thing you really need to compromise on is the limited ground clearance (see my previous post). I find that I can't straddle speed humps any more, and have to be very careful with ridges and 'steps' in the road surface. It's incredible easy to whack the under-tray of the car.

In the recent snow, my car was more like a snow plough than a car...

That aside, it's perfectly livable. You just need to get used to people queuing up behind you impatiently as you navigate speed hump-strewn roads at 15mph!

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