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Only discerning drivers know what to expect from the perfect suspension solution - precise handling and superb ride comfort. H&R engineers considered all this and used all their experience to design the Street Performance Coilover Kit. Unlike traditional twin-tube shock absorbers, H&R Coil Overs at CARiD feature a state-of-the-art mono-tube gas shock construction. Each shock is tuned with a progressive rate spring that is engineered from its inception to work with the shock’s valving, creating a finely tuned suspension system.

H&R Street Performance Coil Overs lower the center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling resulting in flat cornering and superior control — a perfect choice for the street performance driver.

Main features are:

- Front Lowering: 1.0-2.0" or 1.0-1.9" or 1.0-2.2" or 1.2-2.2". Rear Lowering: 1.0-1.9" or 1.0-2.0" or 1.0-2.2"
- Height adjustable to 1.0 - 2.5" on average
- Fine tune lowering to what you want
- Fits Audi A5 and Audi A5 Quattro 2015.

With H&R Coilover Kit you get durability, performance, and safety in one great package.

Feel free to leave your comments and inquiries below!
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