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long story short, a5 2015 b8/8f cabrio, 3g low mmi, and i just retrofitted leather seats to fully electric.
i understand from watching many youtube videos that "hopefully" i can activate the electric seats via the hidden green screen.
however i cannot get the green screen to appear.
my audi is a german spec in germany.
i am wondering if the green screen is blocked in germany or is there a different button combo?
i tried all the manual combinations advised online so far with no luck, like holding car ad setup buttons for 6 seconds etc.
anybody know how to unlock this screen in germany?
software hack only via script or this vcds?

all the plastic interfaces (green,red and black) fit perfectly into the slots, except the yellow airbag one, which i will change later.
former seats had heated also.

also, i assume and hope i can get the seats to work!
my old seats, are the original newer seats vs older leather seats from non-facelft model, but mint condition.


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• To enable the Green Menu you could use VCDS, VAS or the following script [ Green menu activation ]
thanks, got script to work this time! got in green screen!

unfortunately there appears to be no option to enable front electric seats in the green screen. can enable / disable other features like
it would seem the feature is not on the software at all, maybe only there if electric seats there in original build.

it would seem i have hit a major hurdle in trying to upgrade seats from standard/ heated to s-line leather/full electric.

the only feature that works now on new seats are the heated seats...

i now have a seat warning msg on the dash,for what i do not know.

any other ideas to get electric seats to work? as i mentioned before, the interfaces all fit perfectly, so at least that is a start.
maybe i need to add new fuses?
were would they be located?
where to buy?

Plan B option i am considering is to get the power supply to the seats independently, a separate small battery pack for the cables from the seats.

many thanks.

ps: i have been to two garages already and they have no idea how to fix it, as fixing interiors electrics not in their normal scope of dealership wont touch it either, as not original seats.
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