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Government plans to prevent tuning

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Just came across this article that says the government are planning to prevent tuning and modification of vehicles. In the article it says it could be applied to all vehicles not just classics. Not good news for us lot on here who thrive on mods.


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That proposal seems clearly targeted at DPF and GPF removal. I don't see how it affects ECU remapping or part uprating as long as it doesn't "bypass" of "defeat" another system.
A few years ago this might have concerned me but I couldn't justify buying another ICE car now - my next car will be electric.
That's how I read it Dippy!

The words used seemed to be aimed at removing and disabling of components, which as Dippy says, and I think is emission controls like DPFs, OPFs, EGRs etc

But it is just another nail in the coffin of the ICE! But if diesel and petrol cars are to be stopped at 2030, this is only 8 years away!
BMW have been looking at hydrogen fuel for years, but not sure if this is the same thing?

That is the issue with electric vehicles, generating the electricity in the first place from non fossil fuels, range (although improving a lot in recent years), the mining and manufacturing of batteries, charging infrastructure, including EV owner's homes, life span of the mega expensive batteries.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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