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Hello all,
some of you might already noticed as of Dec 2020 Google Earth was disabled for all vehicles older than MY2018.
That left all legacy MMI systems w/o that option.

I'm happy to announce that there is a software solution now that can make GEMMI work again :)
Installations are performed remotely, all you need is empty SD card and active green menu as i will need some details from it.

More info here :
For MMI3G+ systems min software version required K900, best with K942/P1001 (lowest version tested US: 0566 EU: 0532)
For RNS850 systems min software version required K821 (it might work with older but it was never tested)
For MIB1/2 systems almost all software versions are covered, if update i needed i will guide you thru the process if you are not comfortable doing it by yourself.

Active Connect subscription is not required, but if the system was retrofit i need to know that prior to making the activation pack.
Data connection is required.

MMI 3G+/RNS850 systems -> Price is 75€ one time only.
MIB1/2 systems -> Price is 180€ 150€ one time only.

Because of recent questions from members i will state that here so it's public - No information about location of the car is transmitted back to me when using Google Earth alone. Location might be transmitted (but not recorded) only while using the streetview option. If you dont want that then you can disable the streetview completely from the green menu (MMI) or coding(MIB).

As some of you may have concerns about reliability of the service I'm extending the warranty period to 6 months.
What is covered?
If you have MIB1/MIB2 system and the software is not able to function as intended before the end of the 6th month since it was activated and I'm not able to restore it in 2 month time then you will get up to 50% refund.

What is not covered?
Unfortunately due to its age MMI3G+ systems are not covered by any warranty period.
End user action that somehow prevented the software from functioning correctly.
Isolated case where only one system is affected (i believe it's clear that is local problem)
Activation that is not made direct from me elsewhere using my files.

Warranty VOID
As expected some will try to reverse the code and/or try other techniques to understand how it works. That is fine for own education but if shared publicly will result in immediate support termination w/o any refund. No new updates will be offered.

Software is expected to function properly for more than 2 years. Any speculations that it will stop in a week or two are nonsense's by people that have absolutely no idea how this thing actually works.

Please write in English only. Foreign users can use google translate to do that.

Required information for MIB systems:
I will provide software package that will do the information extract for you.

Required information for MMI3G+/RNS850 systems:
1. photo of GreenMenu -> Environment screen.
2. VIN or FAZIT. FAZIT can be seen from VCDS -> 5F, Advanced Identification.
3. Version of the software should be at least 900 or newer.
If you dont have green menu activation I will provide script that will do the information extract for you.
Green Slope Font Rectangle Computer

Font Screenshot Multimedia Electronic device Gadget

Demo of A6 4F (retrofitted MMI3G+)

Demo of S4 B9 (W/o fix from Audi)

Contact for more info.

The price paid is not for providing the satellite images, they are freely available. It's for the time taken to make it work again.

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yes as long as the unit have internet it will work.
By external you mean the dlink or wifi+USB LTE modem mode right?

Hi Congo,

I was about to install the external components late last year and enable google earth on the MMI. When news of the end of google maps came out I stopped this project. Now I need to get this working then I'll be in touch for the update.

On a side note, I have no Audi connect account or online traffic, is this an issue with your fix?

Regards, J

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Hi folks!

Does it also work for MIB 2?

Best regards
I have mine working with updating mine! You need to check which of the MIB software you have and also version in settings and going into engineering mode!


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If you have QualComm unit (MHI2Q), or Audi A3/TT/R8 MY2017+ with MHI2 unit then you can update by yourself and try to see will it work. MIBS (Scale) Delphi units are also covered and they can be updated too. The only requirement is that you have active Audi Connect subscription.

More informanition and software packaghes can be found here -> Gogole Earth saga and VW Group
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