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Good Dealerships/Bad Dealerships

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Have you had a good experience with a particular dealership? How about a bad one? Has a particular salesperson gone out of their way to help you out (or screw you over)? Post your experiences here!
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Jim Ellis Audi in Atlanta was a great shopping experience. Luca Vojnavich (sp?) is a really great salesperson. I did not buy from them as they suffer the same lack of availability as everyone else but Luca hustled for a couple days trying to find a way to get me an A5 to my liking. My local audi delaer is a nice enough place but no hustle factor at all. I did not beat them up for discounts so I can't comment on their flexibility there but I doubt anyone is getting big discounts on these cars now.
I have dealt with Susan Farrell at Carousel Motors in Iowa City, Iowa for 20 years, She is the most knowledgeable, polite, conscientious, pleasant Audi sales specialist I have ever worked with and would recommend her and Carousel Motors to anyone. They are a smaller dealership with personal attention with relatively high volume sales for their size. No S5s received since the one they obtained for me in October.
ive dealt with edinburgh audi in the past and i must say never again.... i did go back and think about buying my a5 from there but the guy wasnt interested in my sale prob thought i could afford one so well i actually got angry in the end cause the boy wouldnt help and treated me like a total idiot, with my last car it was bought there and every time it went in it came out with some thing else wrong.

the is a dealership that comes with a warning!!!:mad:
Aberdeen audi cant fault they go out there way to make sure the customer is happy even after the sale!! and really there isnt more i can put into words as this one is the creme de creme we are pretty lucky here in aberdeen :D
ive dealt with edinburgh audi in the past and i must say never again.... i did go back and think about buying my a5 from there but the guy wasnt interested in my sale prob thought i could afford one so well i actually got angry in the end cause the boy wouldnt help and treated me like a total idiot, with my last car it was bought there and every time it went in it came out with some thing else wrong.

the is a dealership that comes with a warning!!!:mad:
The best thing to do with a salesman that give you the "eh, you probably can't afford it anyway" thing is to buy the car somewhere else, and once you have it, drive over and find that salesman (and his mgr if you can) and point to your shiny new car purchased elsewhere and tell him you lost a sale because you're a punk. Jeez, that's a run on sentence, but it made me feel good.

And sorry, I have very little to add to this except that so far my guy at Carlsen Audi (Palo Alto, Ca.) has been very helpful and knowledgeable - Dave Stevens. Good man.
Colbournes Audi, Basingstoke - my girlfriend's experience (she was looking to replace her 2002 A3 1.8T Sport with a TT 2.0 Roadster) sums them up.

First, she wanted to trade in the A3 last summer for a new TT. Went into the dealer to discuss options (at that time, I was also considering sourcing the S5 from them so they were looking at close to £75K's worth of business from us that year if they sharpened their pencil). Her A3 was sourced new from them, was serviced by them, had done only about 30K gentle miles in its 5 years and was almost in showroom condition - they said they'd quite happily retail it off their forecourt, unusual for a car that age.

We talked numbers and the saleman (who shall remain nameless) after a bit of haggling, made her a reasonable offer for her car. Not being one to rush things (completely the opposite to me...) she said she'd take a few days to think about it and come in the following week to place her order if she decided to go ahead. The salesman pointed out that he'd be on hols but asked her to contact a colleague in his absence.

A week later, we went back in, sat down with said colleague (who looked about 12) and told him she wanted to order her car. Then, when talking trade-in, they suddenly produced a figure some £250 less than quoted the week before. We said it was unacceptable and wanted the original figure and there then ensued a process of this little boy scurrying over to some Fat Bloke sat in an office in the corner (Mr. Finance), engagng in a huddle, then returning time and time again to say that he wasn't allowed to increase the offer. Thoroughly p*ssed-off, I asked why said Fat Bloke didn't get off his *rse and come out of his office and speak to us directly. Oh no, Fat Bloke's job is just to sit there and say no to his salesmen, not to engage with customers. Eventually, we lost patience and left. For the small matter of £250, they lost the sale, my girlfriend resolving to wait a further year before getting the car. At that point, I also decided I wouldn't be using them to supply the S5

When original salesman returned for hols the following week, he was aghast to learn that the deal had gone away but she was adamant that she'd wait.....

Fast-forward to Feb 2008. By this time, the S5 is on my driveway and she decides that she's now going to get the TT. She's considering a possible used version and sees one on this dealers website (silver Roadster, July 07, reasonable spec). Makes an appointment and we go in to see the original salesman, having agreed that she's be Good Cop, I Bad. She mentions that she's considering a used example and describes the car she'd seen on the website. "Ah, that's gone Madam. Not aware of any others to the specification you're after. Shall we work out a deal on a new one?" We start talking numbers and all of a sudden it's groundhog day, quibbling over £250 or so with, you've guessed it, the usual process of scurrying over to Fat Bloke's office. I start to get a bit irate and ask him why it's so difficult to actually buy a car from him and why Fat Bloke doesn't get off his *rse and come over to talk to us - you get the picture. Things get a bit tense, I tell him that if he can't give us a discount on the TT and an additional £250 on the A3, we're not f*cking interested. Got up and walked out to cool down, leaving the Missus sat there whilst salesman sucrried back to converse with Fat Bloke.

Walking round the lot outside, I was taking deep breaths and looking at the various vehicles when all of a sudden, what did I see lurking in the corner? Yup, the 'missing' July 07 TT Silver Roadster. Hmmmm. Trurn around and start walking back to the showroom just as salesman and Missus come out. She looks happy and starts to tell me that she's got the discount and the additional trade-in value. I stand there and point at the TT. Saleman's face drops.
Saleasman: "Ahem, errr, I though it had been sold".
Me: "Ok, so it's not. Can we see it?"
Salesman: "It's an auto. She ('She' has walked over to the car and is peering through the window) wants a manual."
She: "I may be blonde but it's got a gearstick"
Salesman: "Ahem, err, oh is it? I, err, it's been sold, yes, that's it, sold yesterday, haven't had time to take it off the lot yet.
Me: Silent stare.
Me: "Ok. I think we're done here".

Next day, she calls in, cancels her order and places it with Chandlers Ford Audi who match the price, offer pleasant, efficient service and through in a touch of honesty for good measure. Car arrives next month.....
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Poole Audi were fine when I was buying my TT, but for servicing - jeez they were useless. I booked for an MOT and Service on the phone, brought the car in, left the MOT certificate on the driver's seat. I went in, we ran through the bits I wanted done and that was that. Went to pick it up later that day, and my old MOT certificate was sitting on the passenger seat. Went inside to get the keys, asked where the new certificate was, and they said they had only done a service "like I asked". The girl tried to tell me it was my fault for not confirming with the guy I spoke to that morning that they were doing the MOT! I said "but your service guy must have moved the certificate to do the service - did he not wonder what it was doing there?" :mad: They also only managed to find the fault with my 6 disk cd changer after the warranty expired - couldn't find the fault before that though.... :confused:

Sunderland Audi - just as bad. Couldn't find why my tyre kept deflating (kwik fit later that day - 5 mins - valve - £7), told me they could replace the tyre if I wished (1 year old). Couldn't find why my brakes were squeaking, suggested I was using non-Audi parts - they were then rather embarassed when I pointed out that it was they that put the disks on the previous year. Then, just to compound everything, I pick up the car and they've locked out the stereo and I didn't have the code (car bought 2nd hand). I go back into the office - 7 of them sitting there chatting - and none could get me a code until Monday (it was Saturday). :mad:

Tyneside Audi been great so far for Sales, but better not jinx it as I don't pick up the A5 till next Sat. :)
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My local Dealership is Peaterborough Audi... after buying and servicing an A6 with them, I started to have it serviced at the local Skoda dealership at half the cost and twice the standard of service. Nuff said...

As a result, I bought the S5 from Carlisle Audi, who have been exemplary in every way. Thoroughly recommended... They also run Preston Audi, so I would recommend them too.

PS... as you can now have your cars serviced anywhere and still maintain your warranty (in the UK at least) I would recommend trying your local Skoda garage if you think Audi come up short. They are part of the VAG group, so it still looks good in the log book and they are £30 per hour cheaper than Audi... yes £30 per hour!!
Twice I have contemplated buying an Audi. Twice I've had a bad experience - oh how I hate changing my car!

First attempt(about 2 years ago) I walked into Liverpool Audi looking at a new A4 for the wife - when the sales guy asked whether I'd look for a trade-in or whether I'd sell her car privately, I left my options open and said I didn't know. He obviously read this as being I was a tyre kicker and promptly asked me to contact him again when I'd made up my mind! Both my wife and I felt like we'd been kicked out of the show-room! Funny thing was, if I'd been offered a reasonable deal, I would have ordered that day.

Second attempt and I'm looking to buy an S5. Went back to Audi and when asked whether I was looking for new or second hand I told the sales guy that I didn't mind which. Maybe it was me, but I got the distinct feeling that he wasn't interested and 'dumped' me on one of the other (I assume more junior) sales people. This sales person was far more attentive and with the next 2 hours, I had paid my deposit on a new S5 that was available immediately. The car was going to be ready the following Wednesday, but I couldn't collect it till Friday.

One week later and I'm ready to collect my new car. I had advised the dealer that I was ready to collect the car between 2-3pm. However, my Bank was slow to transfer funds into the account so I waited. 2:45 pm and I get a call from the dealer - I advise him that I cannot collect the car until the funds were in (within the next 20 minutes), but as a result I needed to pick up my daughter from school and would probably not arrive till 4pm. His comment shocked me! He said (in a very sarcastic voice) "you're joking aren’t you"). I can remember the anger - it was me buying a £42,500 car - surely it's my call as to when I collect!

Anyway I get to the dealer just before 4pm. When I arrive, they advise me that as they hadn't taxed the car till the Friday there would be an extra £100 to pay! For those in the UK - this was the day after the budget speech. Had they taxed it on the Wednesday - no additional charge.

I saw red. I stormed out of the dealership - told them to stuff the £500 deposit and advised the sales guy to explain to his manager how he lost a £42k deal!

That sparked a very quick response from his manager. I was invited back into an office where I could let of steam - which I promptly did. In the end I was offered some incentives which I accepted and left the dealership with my new S5.

I've since spoken to a number of work colleagues - most buy BMWs, Jaguar`s and Mercs - all agree that Audi dealers appear to be more aggressive that other luxury car manufacturers. Three of my colleagues actually refuse to buy Audi because of this.

Moral of this story - Audi make excellent cars, but my experiences with sales people is less than desirable. Any issues or attitude problems - demand to speak with the sales manager and offer to notify Audi UK of your opinion.
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I had the most pleasant experience purchasing from Molle Audi in Kansas City, MO. My saleslady Amy Barclay is simply the best. I was truly gifted to get her.

My story-
Arrive at dealership in ??? Subaru daily driver, or work truck. My normal attire for June is shorts and a t-shirt, not exactly the type that purchases luxury cars. I walk around the lot for a bit and then into the showroom waiting for a salesperson to help me. I can see Amy working with two different couples at the time. However the other 3 salespeople ignore me. I walk back outside for more of a look around at the different cars. (At the time I was still trying to decide between a RS4 and the S5). Amy takes 30 seconds to ask if anyone has helped me on the way to show a car to one of the couples. I say I am interested in purchasing a RS4 or the new S5 and is there a wait list for the S5. She says 60 days to get a special ordered RS4 and no list for S5 but a $1,000 deposit will get me the first one at MSRP. I like being first, so this seals the deal for me. She says wait 5 minutes till she has these couples out in test drives and then she will take the deposit and fill out some paperwork with me. 5 minutes later the other salespeople are floored when she announces to them she has sold the first S5 for the dealership to me. I then proceed to wait 6 months for AoA to supply me my car.

I am happy enough that my next car will be purchased from Amy again when the RS5 arrives in a couple of years.
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