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GOLF 7 2.0 TDI

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Hello guys and sorry for this threat, but i have a problem with my VW.

I do the retrofit for RLHS sensor + switch and after all codding and adaptations, can't reach the original DRL solution.

When the switch is on AUTO by the day, the U-shapes are ON, but everything else is ON also (rear lights, interior lights, exterior lights). I'm running scandinavian mode ON, because when i turn it OFF, the from U-shapes turning OFF too.

Can this be like electrical problem, due to the wires are connected to the halogen mode ?

Thank you.
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Mate, please remove the pic of you and show us the car, this is not Facebook. Problem is that we are all Audi owners so you would probably get more help on a VW Golf forum???
Vw forum is silent af and they do not help… only “why you bought it when its broken” posts like this
Ok but please do us a favour and remove the pic of you!!! Car looks lovely!! May I suggest that you invest in a code reader which plugs in to the OBD2 port, the best for VAG is VCDS (Ross Tech) but even some cheaper solutions like Carly work well, you need to scan for codes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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