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Hi all,

I have a B8 S5 that I think may need the clutch replacing. I'm also concerned that the Flywheel may also need to be changed and was hoping to get some input, both on what may need replacement as well as current cost at an Indy. Did a quick search but the most helpful result was back in 2017 so I'm sure costs are higher.

Symptoms are:

  • Hard to get into reverse and 1st from neutral.
  • Hard to get into 2nd when coming from a higher gear, sometimes grinds.
  • Revs fluctuate when pulling away, can be hard to get the clutch to roll the car without applying some throttle.
  • Judder when pushing the clutch down at low speeds.
  • Pedal has to be all the way down to start (keyless).
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks guys.

I'm in the Stevenage area and have a good indy nearby, any recommendations nearby are very much appreciated.

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