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they announce a complete tuning program for the new S5.

they are taking delivery of one of the first cars in the country:

Specs of they're project car.

Black Alcantara interior
Technology package
Carbon trim.


GMG WC Sport cat back system.
Modeled after our WC RS4 System.

Carbon Air boxes

Software tuned for the exhaust and airbox by GIAC


Moton Club Sport Dampers with front and rear remote reservoirs and quick disconects at all 4 corners.

Springs custom wound by Eibach

Adjustable front and rear sway bars built by Eibach to GMG specifications including adjustable drop links.

Brembo GT front and rear
14" front 13" rear

BBS Motorsport 3 Piece racing wheels in 19x9 or 19x9.5

Tires Michelin Pilot Sport 2

A more aggressive add on front lip spoiler made in Carbon and a add on rear boot spoiler in carbon will also be available.

Be sure to swing by the 2008 LA International Auto Show November 14-26 to check the car out at our booth in Kentia hall.

Pictures and details as they develop.
Dyno tests before and after will be posted.

All parts will be available before Christmas for shipping.

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I personally don't think the S5 needs any mods other than possibly a few extra hp for the never happy......

Hope you don't run into any warranty issues....
If you mess with the motor, computer, possibly even exhaust you can kiss your warranty goodbye.
Some might say that Audi has to prove that your modification caused the problem, true but if you want to deal with the Audi of America legal team proving it didn't be my guest.
Aero/cosmetic changes are one thing, software is very different and don't let anyone tell you that Audi can't tell if the ECU has been messed with, they can.
I'm not saying don't do it, you just have to decide if it's worth it or not.
I have a modded Porsche and I know how it works.

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I don't even have the car yet, i'm still waiting like most audi fans.
the only thing i'm willing to do is custom shoes.
personally, i think the S5 is a complete car, no modification needed
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