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Hi all
Just purchased an Audi A5 3.0 tdi Quattro s line black edition with 78000 miles and a full service
It’s due a gearbox oil change and full service in 3500 miles
Think it needs new discs and pads on the front as they’re a vibration under braking
Is they’re anything else I should do whilst it’s in the garage any preventive stuff or anything else to look at??
Any software updates?
My first ever Audi as I’ve always been bmw before but fancied a change and any help much appreciated

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Frank welcome on board and I hope that you are enjoying yer new motor. What year is she, and auto or manual?

Find a VAG specialist and go to him cos they are worth about 300 times more than the official Audi stealers mate. Note that brake rotors do not warp but they may just need cleaning and skimming to remove the build up of material they get from the pads. If I were you I would get ALL of the filters and fluids changed so that you have a clean sheet starting place.

Tell us about yer progress!!!
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