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today while driving home and changing from 2nd to 3rd, i thought that it got into 3rd gear a little bit difficult. after that moment i could not change from 3rd... the gearbox did not allow me to chnage. the clutch aparently works fine since i could stop and start without the engine stalling...

if the engine is stopped... i can change any gear.
once i start the engine, if it's in neutral i cannot get it in any gear, if it's already in a gear i cannot change that gear or take it to neutral.

to drive i have to stop the engine, put it in gear, start the engine and drive...

did anybody experince something like this???? the car has 15.100km, fresh out of the first service interval... where audi found nothing wrong...

i'll call audi in the morning... but it will be a while to fix it...

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