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Gearbox Malfunction

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Hey guys

I've taken my car to a garage after this error but they didn't actually look at the gearbox but rather drain the transmission oil and tell me because there are tiny shavings I need a full rebuild, flywheel and clutch replacement - maybe I do but want to check with the experts first.

It's an Audi A5 S Line Special Edition 2010 S Tronic Auto with 125k on the clock.

So here's the thing I'm on unsure on, in October it was taken for an annual service with no issues, they replaced some general things and then the brake pads/discs. 300 miles later I had this error first come up, I've been limping it around since then because it will usually drive for 10-15 mins with no error, after that it'll pretty much stay stuck and every time I push on the acceleration it'll go into limp mode. There is no crunching or sound of damage coming from the car, just the whirring because of the loss of power.

The two faults that have come up are a Torque control - sporadic fault and clutch overheating (but low temp)

Could it be that there is no rebuild needed and it's just a faulty sensor that has been tripped at the last service? Is it worth getting a proper Audi garage to look at it or am I wasting my time?

Appreciate the help!
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