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Hi All
I have an S5 3.0V6 sportback which I’ve owned for last 4 years and which has recently developed a gearbox problem.
Car is totally standard.
Gearbox malfunction shows usually in slow start stop traffic and then car loses gears 1,3,5,7.
Codes read on obdeleven are;
02 Transmission
P17D400 - Partial transm. 1 valve 3 mechanical malfunction

03 Brakes
Trouble codes:
01315 - Transmission control module (TCM) Please read DTC

I’ve researched this extensively online but haven’t found a definitive answer as to the cause of the problem.
I’ve had the car scanned by an Audi tech and almost instant result on their computer was ‘replace Mechatronics unit’. I didn’t want to get dragged into the Audi try this / try that money pit so I took the plunge and had the Mechatronic removed by a mechanic friend. I sent the unit to an ecu testing / repair company who tested it but found no fault after a week. They said they could still carry out their ‘standard’ fix to the Mechatronic if I agreed or could send it back to me and charge for testing only. I decided to let them do the work (£500). They would not tell me what the works were (trade secret allegedly) but we have worked out that they changed valves 1-3 and 2-3 for clutch k1 and K2 and may have done something with the ecu (looks like they had the cover off as they have scratched the mech number onto it) but we didn’t open it up. We know they didn’t change out any of the other solenoids or the wiring looms as we had marked these before sending.
I’ve just had the unit fitted back to the car, carried out basic settings, etc., but the fault came back after second short journey.

Does anyone know if it’s possible that the Mechatronic is not faulty and something else can cause these error codes?

Has anyone had this issue / code and found a definitive answer as to which component when replaced fixed the issue?

Thanks for reading.
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