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Gearbox issue 3.0 tdi

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Can anyone help me with an intermitant gearbox issue on my 2012 3.0 tdi s tronic

Jumps out of gear... not very often but it's not right. Only when I put my foot down about 75% in Drive normally from 3rd to 4th, maybe 4th to 5th also. Feels like it pops into neutral and revs up then pops into the next gear up.
Not very often is once a month,
I've had the car 4 years and put 60,000 miles on it now sitting at 130,000 miles. I've not changed the gearbox oil maybe this will help.
Any advice/help would be appreciated
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Sounds like the K1 and K2 clutch is slipping. Maybe the valve is stuck or the actual clutch pack needs replacing.
That gearbox should have been serviced 3 times already. But I agree, at 130K it is likely that the clutch-packs are slipping.
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OK thanks for you're help, I'll get the gearbox serviced and go from there
Gatt mate go to see an auto gearbiox specialist and NOT an official Audi stealer. You will need a full service and oil change for sure.
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