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Good evening all.

Can someone possibly help diagnose an issue with my 2008 A5 3.0 manual

When driving I'm getting a horrible metailc grinding/whiring noise from what I think is the gearbox. The noise gets faster with engine speed.

All gears select fine and its driving well.

When I put my foot on the clutch the noise dissappears.

I have checked gearbox fluid level and topped it up (took just under a litre to fill)

When driving in 3rd or 5th and I go on and off the throttle quickly the gearstick jumps backwards and forward. Gear linkage seems to be fine with no play.

Noise is definitely from the front end so not diff related that I can tell.

Has anyone got any ideas please?

Many thanks in advance

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Tom mate sounds more like clutch than gearbox to be honest. Get to a VAG specialist.
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