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Not heard of it or used it.

It seems like bollox to me. I'm always sceptical of these 'silver bullet' solutions, there's loads of 'perfomance improvement' gadgets around, and if any of them worked, the manufacturers would include them in the cars... well that's my view.

Additionally, if it were so easy to change the 'structure' of the fuel for benefit, would the fuel companies not be doing this? And if it were not done because it's not a stable structure, than again would the mfgs not include these? More efficient burning? Does this mean more complete or faster? If it's faster, then you are looking at losing power, because exhaust scavanging is based on the timing of the flame front and if it's more complete, the exhaust O2 sensors would pick this up and the ECU would over-compensate by overfueling and thereby increasing fuel consumption and reducing combustion temperatures below optimum... maybe it's their 'lay description' but what they describe would concern me if it worked any more than a tiny amount.

...seems to be used on older cars and the testimonials are over 10 years old. Maybe a legacy of the 'cars converted to run unleaded' era... the web-site is certainly 90s HTML
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