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I know that when you open the door the fuel pump primes its self, hence a humming/whining/whirring sound

The humming noise goes away after a few seconds, even when the car is being used.

For the last 2 weeks my fuel pump constantly hums/whines, its a light noise, you cant hear it when driving, however you can slightly notice it while stationary

It should disappear but its there all the time now

This did not make a noise before, now it constantly makes a whining noise, I thought it was my door lock motor, but after sticking my ears everywhere i can source the sound coming from under the back seat,

Now i seen a few vids the the fuel pump is replaced, seems easy but i will need that special tool to undo the fuel pump.

I dont think its the fuel filter as i had it changed 3 months ago on a major service, (hopefully)

I can buy a second hand fuel pump for £40

A few threads suggests its the pump struggling or on its way out, or could be a possible clogged fuel filter, which i doubt.

Any suggestions on a DIY or shall i just get it booked in for a replacement....

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