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Fuel price increase and alternatives

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Hi all,
As everyone is aware of the rising fuel price, especially for diesel which is approx. £1.80 per litre now, I was just thinking of using alternatives.
Previously I only had a brief look at biodiesel which apparently isn't suitable for A5 2.0 TDI 2010, has anyone out there actually used it? As many fuel nowadays has some bio-fuel in, would putting 20% of biodiesel in be better? Or could you even push this to 50% biodiesel and 50% normal diesel?

Furthermore, anyone here converted their diesel car to run on LPG? I read the price of conversion is approx. £1500 - £1700.

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Yeah... Save a penny to pay big bucks to fix possible fuel system failure later on. Clever...
I'm only asking to see if it is possible. LPG conversion is definitely possible as they normally do it on a lot of vans to cut down on price, but requires a big upfront cost. Biodiesel is a hit or miss depending on the car, some cars run absolutely fine on those. I'm just simply asking if the A5 is possible or not.
LPG fuel currently would save you approx. £1 per litre. About £0.70 per litre at the moment.
Currently, it cost me approx. £110 to fill up a full tank of diesel now. It would save me approx. £800 - £1000 a year for me and as the cost of diesel will surely reach £2.00 soon then it would mean more cost savings.
I'm only asking to see if anyone on here has done it before and what their experience is with using alternative fuel types.

Currently, UK diesel contain up to 7% biodiesel anyway which they do not have to display any marks at the pump.
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