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Check pics and part numbers in posts 53 & 55. The surround comes with the hinge attached. The metal cover just clips to the hinged part and the actuator slots and then screws into the surround. For what it costs I wouldn't arse about trying to recover the old one. I totally agree that it's sinful to chuck such a large component in the bin just because you have to pierce it at 4 points with a screwdriver to release it. Having said that you risk bending the body skin doing it any other way.

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After reading several threads on the forum regarding the fuel flap locking actuator, I decided to check whether mine still worked. Guess what it didn't! so off I went to my local dealers and I purchased a new one for £14.83. It took me 15 minutes to do the job and I took some pictures to help if anybody else fancies doing it themselves. So here goes,

View attachment 16290

Locate the the storage well in the boot, it just folds down revealing this...

View attachment 16289

You can see the red pull cord loop

View attachment 16288

I attached a length of string to it, so to aid the re-fit

View attachment 16283

Remove the Torx screw with a T20 torx bit and very carefully in the corners of the fuel flap surround, using a flat blade screwdriver lift and pull the securing clips out, be careful it,s easy to break the clips. The fuel cap and flap needs to come off with it as well.

View attachment 16287

You now can see the Actuator on the lip on the bodywork this just pulls off and unplug the connector.

View attachment 16286

Actuator off the car

Cut the string off and now tie it onto the new Actuator, place it back on the bodywork and pull the string back though

View attachment 16285

Sorry about the quality of the this one

View attachment 16284

Pulled back though, makes this process dead easy.

View attachment 16283

All back together, the fuel flap and surround just slots back in place.

Tested and now you can hear the Actuator locking the fuel flap.

Sorted and it didn't cost £100 in an hours labour charge at the dealer.

I hope this helps.
Before you do, open the latch with the orange strap behind the rear most boot cover on the right hand side. With the fula cover open, lubricate the 'plunger' on the latch with WD40. Worked for me, worth a try.
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