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There's been some coverage in the US press of people changing their driving habits to maximize fuel efficiency - calling it hypermiling. With just over 7000 on my S5, I've been averaging 16.5 mpg on largely non highways. Fuel refill costs $60 for 93 premium fuel.

70 pounds to fill the tank in the UK ? That is painful...

Anyway, in the Chicago area the roads are fairly flat. One of the hypermiling tactics for manual transmission cars was to put the gearshift in neutral and coast to obvious stops, ie traffic lights and stop signs. Even driving downhill - and hills for us are relative - roll in neutral and save gas.

I took a 125 mile trip around the Fox Valley area yesterday using the coasting techniques and averaged 20.5 mpg for the trip on surface roads all under 50 mph.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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