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Fuel consumption

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not sure if this has been covered before but what kind of fuel figures (in uk mpg) are you S5 owners getting. Can you also elaborate whether the figure is derived from town or motorway driving or other combinations. Also do you drive the car hard; ie grand prix starts or driving miss daisy style.
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After 8000 miles I have got 17.8 mpg. It has been improving somewhat from a low when it was 16.1 mpg. I reckon I will get it close to 20 mpg without much effort soon.

I do mostly urban driving (5 mile round trip in morning school run repeated later in day. Maybe a 3 mile trip into town and back. Hardly any motorway or dual carriageway use with periodic 10-15 mile trips on local roads with fair numbers of traffic lights and roundabouts).
I've averaged 18.3, but that's mostly short trips through town or 15 minute back-road blasts to P'boro station.

The few time I've taken it for a run and even with 'spirited' driving at times, I've got 23mpg+ ...On a recent trip to Newport, down the A43, A14, M6, M5, M50, A449, M4 I drove 'normal' speeds with the rest of the traffic and average 26.1.

On the track day at Mallory park, I averaged 9.6!!
I had a remapped S3 and on a weekly drive to and from work through town driving and no motorways the average mpg was 23.5 The S5 is obvisously a BIGGER engined car compared to the 1.8turbo S3 but the fuel figures dont seem that 'stupid' or scary.

What about LPG conversions in an S5????
Anyone know if the S5 is E85 compatible?

3500 miles in and averaged 20.3mpg. Mainly urban driving. Not too much motorway use.

Too close to 'miss daisy' for me. Must try harder :D
Anyone know if the S5 is E85 compatible?

Not without a conversion.
I have done nearly 6000 miles and averaged 22.5mpg but thats mostly motorway driving, driving around town soon empties the petrol tank.
Just passed 5000 miles and getting 19.5MPG and have only been using 95ron fuel due to most of the driving being stop/start to and from work driving and very little motorway.
Your UK gallon is a little bit more then the US Gallon isn't it?
US Gallon is 3.89 liters. so UK MPG numbers are a little higher then US ones I think.

Yes, the uk gallon is 4.55litres
My car has only done 550 miles to date so my fuel consumption probably isn't representative as I am still being easy on it and haven't used excessive acceleration/braking. Journeys have consisted of a mix of semi-rural, some highway and outer urban areas, usually of about 20 miles. I'm made very few short journeys and no city use - apart from the initial drive home from the dealer. Average read out for each journey has been a low of 23.6 mpg to a high of 25.8 mpg (and my longest journey to date - about 60miles). Even though these figures suggest I'm pussy footing around compared with some S5 owners I'm still easily the quickest car on the road on any journey I've made in it around here. In an S5 it's too easy not to be!
Colin makes a good point...

Everything is relative...

When S5 owners talk about 'Driving Miss Daisy' that means driving the same speed/acceleration as everyone else on the road. Hardly slow, it just feels really slow as the car has so much more to give and you have to make a real effort to drive that slowly!! As Colin mentions, it's still very easy to be 'interestingly quick' without really stretching the car or making the fuel guage look like a speedometer during an emergency stop!

Driven between 2k and 3k revs unders acceleration with half an inch of throttle, will whisk you up to speed faster than the cars around you and the mpg will stay in the 20s... that V8 making just enough noise to let you know what's under the hood (esp. if you have an aftermarket exhaust) and bring that smile to your face :cool:

...There's also something satisfying about making rapid progress and still knowing you've got so much more in reserve... it's a form of 'abstenance' and you feel virtuous for not giving in to the temptation that is: Burying your foot into the shagpile, the needle into the red and watching the horizon race towards you. :D

"Once during Prohibition I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water."
-W. C. Fields

God I love this car! :)

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I'm getting 20mpg max, lots of short journeys, cold starts.

Even on a long run, I'm not seeing more than 22mpg though, tho on the twisties in Ireland , i have to use max acceleration at times to overtake pretty often, so as was said, that offsets any gentle driving along the way :p
6500 Miles down and I've got an average of 20.2 MPG. 75% of the mileage on this is down to motorway driving.

Best MPG I got out of a trip all the way up the M1 was 26.1 - and I really was Driving Miss Daisy.

Worst I've seen on an 8 mile trip in central london is about 14MPG.

I mainly use 99RON fuel (Tesco Super Unleaded)
I borrowed the dealer demo for a day and got 14. Similar driving in S3 gets 24, TT 30+... S5's sure drink if driven in stop start mode!

14mpg or 12 for you yanks..which with half price fuel over there is great!!

I agree with you Ianhp1. Your comments are spot on. This thing is so effortlessly fast. Everywhere I go and every corner I take seems to be 15-20 kph higher than my previous car (a 330ci) but with so much less effort. I haven't smiled so much since I first drove the Lotus Elise I once owned, which unlike an S5, was useless for anything other than a sunday morning blast involving driving 100 miles as fast as possible to get back to where you started from! So considering what the S5 is capable of and the feeling of being cocooned in an environment that feels as if it was hewn from solid granite, the fuel consumption isn't that bad.
21.4 mpg for me although my wife drives the car most of the time monday to friday. It costs me £70 to fill the tank with 99 ron and am getting about 250 miles per tank.
15,500miles with average of 19.9 US mpg or about 23.2 mpg in English gallons if the liter conversion mentioned earlier is accurate. Mostly freeway driving.
There's been some coverage in the US press of people changing their driving habits to maximize fuel efficiency - calling it hypermiling. With just over 7000 on my S5, I've been averaging 16.5 mpg on largely non highways. Fuel refill costs $60 for 93 premium fuel.

70 pounds to fill the tank in the UK ? That is painful...

Anyway, in the Chicago area the roads are fairly flat. One of the hypermiling tactics for manual transmission cars was to put the gearshift in neutral and coast to obvious stops, ie traffic lights and stop signs. Even driving downhill - and hills for us are relative - roll in neutral and save gas.

I took a 125 mile trip around the Fox Valley area yesterday using the coasting techniques and averaged 20.5 mpg for the trip on surface roads all under 50 mph.
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