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Hey everyone,
I work for an Audi dealership in Northern New Jersey, and on one of our trade ins we had an S5 that had a very high end subwoofer system custom fit and installed in the trunk area of the car. The system is comprised of the following:
2 JL Audio W7 subwoofers (I believe 12" models) built in a custom box with red LED lights to show off the speakers from the trunk
1 JL Audio 1000/1 V2 1000 watt amplifier custom painted red
1 Tsunami Competition HCAP-20 Capacitor custom painted red
1 JL Audio Cleansweep CL441DSP Interface processor
Custom framing designed to fit into the trunk

The way this sat in the car was the front end of the subs were facing into the cabin of the car, and once the seats were folded down you could see them. Thats not to say the back end wasn't left to look bad though.
Everything was red to match the red interior of the car. Will include all wires, which should fit due to it being the same car. This is over a $3,000 system new, not including the labor. Asking price is $1300 OBO.
Make me an offer! Thank you!

Picture of how it looked when it was installed in the car:
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