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Fresh Phantom

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First detail session after picking the car up last weekend. Weather here is unreal right now, so the bright sun really makes it look like liquid Phantom!

Detailing Program

Clean wheels with Blackfire Wheel/Tire cleaner and brush
2 bucket wash with Grit Guard in rinse bucket - Menzerna Auto Wash
Menzerna Final Polish II for first polish
Next morning topped polish off with Blackfire Midnight Sun Carnauba Paste Wax

I haven't spent that much time on a car in a long long time, but it is amazing how much time we are spending together! BTW, I have a microfiber towel that is recommended on lots of detailing posts and forums, but doesn't seem to work as advertised or I am not using it right. Went back to the old chamois which always worked well. I used the leaf blower for the wheels to get all of the water out of the inner part of the wheel, and that worked out well. Since it hasn't rained much in months here, I am hopeful to keep it looking good for a while.


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gorgeous!! cant wait for mine! probably gonna spend a fortune on detailing products lol
Looks nice! We need more photos! 3 wont cut it!:mad::mad::mad::mad:

please? :D
Must be an effective detail routine. Great pics
Looks awesome!
I used the leaf blower for the wheels to get all of the water out of the inner part of the wheel, and that worked out well.
This made me laugh!!!!

I wash my car every weekend; my neighbours think its hilarious - I have a special car hoover (full size Dyson that I stole from the house, wife not happy), jet washer, more polishes and potions than you can shake a stick at, if I got the leaf blower out the neighbours would think that I'd finally gone mad!?!?!?

I love the idea though - also I love the pics; your hard work really paid off:)!
Thanks to all. I thought the leaf blower idea was funny when I first saw it on this forum, but it is a great idea and it works great! I use it for all 4 wheels and the grill area and around the headlights. Water always seems to get into those spots you can't see, and when you get in the car to move it or to drive, water always streams out and then spots the car. At least the blower takes care of most of it.

Definitely need a good routine to do regularly with a black car...:D I am going to get a tint this week, and will try to find some time to install all of the new LEDs I bought for the interior, and the H11s for the fogs. Will try to get some new pics up after that happens...and I will take more than 3...:D

So Explosivo - impress your neighbors! They will be jealous of how good your car looks!:D:D:D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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