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I noticed the front windows only drop by a few millimetres, especially the driver's side window.
Upon opening the door handle, the window only drops by a couple of millimetres therefore causes it to scrape against the rubber seal as it opens.

I have found the two height adjustment screws (when the window is fully down), at the bottom of the door and only made a small adjustment (1 full turn clockwise to lower it).
This has not made an effect as when I get in car, it still rubs against the seals slightly.

One thing I have noticed is, if I lower the window with the door open then back up, it stops with plenty of clearance at the top (see picture 2). If I repeat this but with the door closed then open the door, not enough clearance is made therefore rubs against seal (Picture 1).

The rear windows are perfectly fine, they drop by about 4-5mm therefore provide a good amount of clearance.

I noticed a couple of others had this problem but there doesn't seem to be enough info out there, is this a VCDS job?
I looked at this which is only slightly relevant.
Window too high after frozen | Audi A5 Forum & Audi S5 Forum (

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Picture 1 - Door handle pulled but not fully open to show the gap, as you can see, there is barely any clearance.
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Picture 2 - Door opened then window lowered then back up, in this case, a much bigger clearance is seen. When the door shuts, the window goes fully back into the seal as expected.
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Yes that’s what I meant. Did you read this thread?

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