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For those in the US, expected delivery on A5

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Just called a south Florida dealer, The collection, they stated a 90 day waiting period for a special order of an A5. I didn't specify A5 S-Line, or S5, not sure if it makes a difference...

So for those in the US who have theirs cars how long did you have to wait? not that I mind waiting, but would still like to know :)
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Mine was a 3.5 month wait .. and i was lucky my dealer had an open allocation when i walked in that day.
Thanks rferni, not bad at all. I'm wondering if a dealership does not have an allocation, does that mean we have to wait for 2009 allocations?
i'm in canada and i have to wait 7 months for my A5 i'm on month 2 and still going strong lol. S5 i was told is quite a bit longer of a wait. Not sure if US wait is shorter it all depends how many that particular dealer gets every year and where you are in the system so i'd phone around to a couple if you can.
5 month wait

I ordered mine back in September before production on US spec A5's started. It arrived 5 months later.
4 months, or 8+ months, depending on how you calculate it. I "ordered" my A5 last July long before they were able to enter US orders. The official order was placed in November and my car arrived mid-March, a bit earlier than expected.
10 weeks for me.
I can speak for Checkered Flag Audi ( I ordered mine, and one of the stores in the dealer group I work for.

All of our 2008's are spoken for, but a loaded non-S-Line white/black demo will be available on June 21st (silent auction is happening now). The next 3 S5 slots are taken, and the first 2 2009 A5 slots are taken (one is mine). It is looking like we're wide open for anything after mid-August. We have had 2 people back out on 1 A5 and 1 S5, so you never know what might pop-up.

I ordered mine at the beginning of April, but I also wanted a 2009 so it is looking like my car will be here in mid-August. I could have had a 2008 by now.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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