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FOR SALE: Audi A5 S5 B8 B8.5 Black Edition/Rotors 19” Alloy Wheels ET33 9J 5x112

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Up for grabs are Audi A5 B8/B8.5 Black Edition/Rotor wheels which I had on my sportback until I sold the car 2018 and has been in storage ever since.

Originally my intention was to keep these after selling the car as I was going to buy another A5 however plans changed.

They come wrapped in 255/35/19 Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT (AO) tyres with plenty of tread left with no sidewall damage.

The rears have between 6-7mm and the fronts have between 3-4mm.

All 4 alloys have minor surface scratches around the edges and are not deep whatsoever. Please check all the individual photos I’ve taken of them. They have no buckles/flat spots and no cracks. Never been repaired. These are pretty much ready to put on with nothing needing of them.

When they were on the car I used to clean the inside of the alloys every 4/5 months so has been looked after.

Due to the size of them they are collection only from London - Barking area.

Please check the photos out to see the conditions of the wheels.

Please note it is currently listed on eBay (Audi A5 S5 B8 B8.5 Black Edition 19” Alloy Wheels Rotors ET33 9J 5x112 | eBay) and also on ASN.

I am after £900 or nearest offer.

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