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Fold the side mirrors?

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Hi, I just got my S5 and its hoooooottt.does anyone knows how to fold the side mirrors...i could not find a button for it.Thanks.
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If it's a 2009, they don't fold on NA cars!

Bit of a bummer
by hand if its an 09 unfortunetly.... did anyone figure out why they removed this feature?
ss55, are you located in the US? Please update your profile to display your location. Since specs on the A5/S5 differ from market to market, knowing your location will assist forum members in answering your questions accurately.

Assuming you're in the US, the 2009 A5/S5s no longer have electrically folding members as deak mentioned. But, other parts of the world (e.g., UK) still have that feature available.
Congratulations. Pics and specs asap....
why dont you explore youre car a little bit buddy?
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