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Fitted a very flush dashcam bought from aliexpress.

It fits flush with the Audi B9 models and taps into the rain sensor harness rather than external power feed!

Realsun Dashcam 2k variant that came with 16gb micro sd card for £51 delivered at the time of purchase.

I would say that the install would be a 4/10 as no cutting or drilling or gluing, only a pry tool and extra pair of hands!

The quality of camera is a solid 7/10 as the standard exposure rates for night time recording were atrocious, and had to dial down the exposure by -1.6 so quite a substantial amount. The day recording is fantastic out of the box and with the exposure set back too!

Pics of recording:
Automotive parking light Tire Car Wheel Vehicle

Automotive lighting Road surface Asphalt Electricity Headlamp

Very good buy and install video from YouTube too:


Edit: Can confirm 128gb endurance micro sd card works fine! iOS and android worked super well! Settings: exposure rates, length of recording(1min,3min,5min), Park mode (8hr,12hr,24hr) collision mode, ,Auto off mode (with time limits up to 10 minutes or 24/7 on), wifi connectivity and sound recording, photo snapshot modes (with physical button too)
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