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Dimitri, I have now lapsed around 5k km in my manual A5 and deal with the same issue since day 1 when the car is cold. However when I work the gears a bit after a few miles the gear shifts are smooth and engage effortlessly. The test drive I was given was like this as well, a friend's Alfa Brera I spinned a couple of times the same. Moreover, my father's 2001 manual Merc does the same when cold and it now has more than 150K on the clock. In MHO this is not a problem we are experiencing there and it mostly requires us to adapt - synchronise the clutch's pressing-depressing with the engagement of the gears. Personally, I would think twice before I let anybody meddle with the car's gearbox over such an issue unless it's very intense and leaves no other choice with you.
Well just my 2p here!

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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