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Ive finally got my car. got it on tues just done 200 miles in it, and my word it looks damn fine. the white is an absolute head turner, jus thought id make a quick few observations.

when i first got the car the tv function came up but has disapeared within a matter of seconds even though i didnt order it, so clearly the software is there and its just a case of somehow having it unlocked

didnt know i had ordered the rear parking camera but i have it and its damn cool

the b and o sound system is amazing so clear, anyone dithering about this must go for it and also the dab radio the sound is superb

i will never tire of the led lights or the sweet engine note

the sunroof as useless as it is def looks cool

the handling is superb, i previously had the new tt and the difference is night and day, while the tt seemed to always fidget and tramline this thing just sticks and goes whithout crashing around.

now a few complaints,hate the fact you cant fully rev the engine whilst in neutral, theres a weird electrical humming from the console when first switched on. dont think the its ideally suited in traffic due to the gearing. and the white looks filthy alreday, saj if you have been in scotland this week you will know what im talking about, the salt on the roads particularly .

gotta say though this is an amazing car, its so refined but yet so sporty best of both worlds
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