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now a few complaints,hate the fact you cant fully rev the engine whilst in neutral, theres a weird electrical humming from the console when first switched on. dont think the its ideally suited in traffic due to the gearing. and the white looks filthy alreday, saj if you have been in scotland this week you will know what im talking about, the salt on the roads particularly .
Tell me about it, M8 was covered in the stuff yesterday my car looked more brown than white by the time I got home (only downside to white, but for the looks you get when its clean I don't mind washing it more often than not) even though the weather was crap I still washed it, couldn't stand to see it dirty. Will probably be around Glasgow on Saturday night, you will know me from my reggy if you see me.

Shaz I happened to be in Shields on Sunday and some random guy came up and thought he knew me from looking at the car but realised when i put the window down I was someone else, maybe he thought I was you?

Had a look at your car when viewing mine on saturday.It def looks the part although I do agree a nightmare to keep clean.Congrats on finally getting the keys and I will be looking out for you, saj and rab cruising around the glesga area in your gleaming white s5/a5's.
Will definetly have to do a Scottish OC meet, from the looks of it we have plenty owners in the Strathclyde/Edinburgh area on its own.
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