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I've only had my S5 for about a week or so. Since I've had it I've got a couple of questions:

1. Whats up with the headlight condensation? The dealership showed me a bulletin stating that it's normal and that since it doesn't cause any danger there's nothing they can or will do about it. I live in the South so there are frequent times when conditions are "right" for headlight fog.

2. Since I've had the car I've noticed some brake squeel when I lightly put on the brake. It only seems to happen when it's really cold outside. Eventually it goes away.

3. What warranty/maintenance options did everyone get when they got their S5? I went with the Free Maintenance, 3M Tape, ResistAll, Wheel/Tire Replacement. Just wondering that if it's all worth it in the long run.

4. What's the best products out there to use on the exterior/interior on the car?

Sorry if some of these questions are repeats.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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