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Few Problems - Radio, Rear window Heater, Passenger Window Seal - 2007 S5

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Hi All, First time posting, I bought a 2007 S5 coupe a few months ago, and am getting round to trying to sort out the few annoying little problems it has.

1. Rear window heater not working - the light on the button comes on, I have checked the continuity through the 40A fuse in the boot - this is okay, when you push the button you can hear the relay next to the fuse click. I dont appear to be reading a voltage at the terminal where it connects to the elements on the glass itself, I would expect 12V when the heater is on?

2. Radio Reception - Radio was working fine when I got the car, then it dropped out for a few days, then back for a couple of months now it seems to have dropped completely. Sounds like an aerial problem, fuzzy or no reception, if it picks anything up its only the local radio station (strongest signal as local ariel). From doing a bit or research it seems the aerial is also an element in the rear window, is there a chance the 2 problems are linked? No plugging or unplugging chargers/accessories seems to help.

3. Passenger window not sealing - Typically, this doesnt seem to be the usual problem people online are talking about. the window appears to be functioning correctly and rising the correct amount. but there is a visible gap on the B-pillar, almost as if the curve of the glass is wrong. I understand there is adjustment under the door to raise or lower the top point of the window but nothing to pull the whole thing towards the car. Any ideas? Its pretty difficult to take a picture of but please see my attmept below.

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Hopefully this is in the right place as I dont think any of these issues would be specific to the S5.
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So, solved the heater rear window issue with the solution form this thread:
Rear Defroster / Demister not working - wiring help?
have also pulled what I thought was going to be the headunit out the dash (part number 8t2 035 110 A) in an attmept to find the aerial connection but this appears to just be the Cd changer, does anyone know where the aerial connects to on a 2007 S5 with B&O sound?
my thought was to connect up a standalone aerial to the car, if the radio works with that i know I have a problem with the wiring/aerial in the car, but if not its a problem with the radio unit itself.
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