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Hi folks,
a few months ago I bought a S5 B8 and I immediately noticed that the MMI is translated into czech language which is a homebrew SW update by itself. When asked, the previous owner also said that other SW tweaks had been done like removed speed limiter, removed beeping noise when the seatbelts are not fastened and that the nav maps have been updated to the latest version.

After a couple of weeks, I've noticed that MMI clock is always at 00:00 so I immediately set it up to the correct time and left the car. But the clock always resets itself to 00:00 every single minute. On the other hand, the clock in the info display next to speedo is working correctly. This doesn't end only with the clock. It extends to other settings such as enabling/disabling traffic reports etc.

I think somebody did a really lousy job at "enhancing" the MMI. Now I don't think such tweaks can be fixed easily, correct me if I'm wrong. I was thinking about doing a complete factory reset to undo such blasphemy upon my car. Does somebody know what has to be done to achieve such goal and preferably remove once again the re-enabled speed limiter?

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