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My memory didn't serve me well other than it was a PM. It's some company out of los angeles offering a modified stock brace with a core charge. Word was you have to send them your stock brace although perhaps that's changed since the PM in March. I've PM'd 32spoke, the forum member who offered me the assistance to see if he can chime in mate.


that's the brace. that's the company. Offer still stands for you Matt! I have the original in my garage. but I think the RHD is different from the LHD model. On a related note, but not so good for the RHD cars, I did get the alukreuz and the eurocode sway bar kits. and I couldn't be happier. huge difference. I haven'r been to the track yet, but driving "as safely as possible" where I used to have a huge front end understeering event- no more- just glued and balanced.

You would think Stern would have hyped this product up on the forums. I'm guessing that they may have advertised something that will take sometime before it's available for sale. kinda frustrating for those that are interested in purchasing it now. below is stern's contact info from their website


8451 Miralani Dr Suite R
San Diego, CA 92126
Toll-Free: +1 866 397 5487
Telephone: +1 858 566 7873
FAX: +1 858 566 7810
E-mail: [email protected]
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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