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I purchased an A5 TDI in September last year. After a week of driving the car I noticed a noise coming from the front wheels when I turned into a corner (at any speed). It sounded like the ESP was trying to kick in but could not. I reported this situation to the dealer who did some tests and sent them to Audi to verify the situation.

Audi Germany came back with the following answer:

Good day, sorry for the late replay, AG had to discuss this issue with the colleagues from the development department, this took some time. I have taken there reply and copied and pasted it for you, "So regarding the photos you send, these bends have sharp turn. In this case the signal of the transversal acceleration sender is not matching the signals of the yaw rate even at a slow speed, because the super elevating is reducing the transversal acceleration of the vehicle. The ABS/ESP is not able to distinguish, weather there is a reduced transversal acceleration because of a steep turn or because of a sliding of the vehicle. In case of a sliding vehicle an ESP regulation would be needed, in case of a steep turn this would be bad. Therefore the system in such a situation is performing a check by pressurizing the outer rear brake a little. By the reaction of the wheel speed the system now is able to recognize the situation, weather an ESP regulation is needed or not. This check is working by the ABS/ESP valves and by the ABS pump, it is making the same noise and the same vibration of the brake pedal like a normal ABS work. So I believe that this is, what the customer is complaining, it is a normal operation of the brake electronics and standard of techniques. Basically this function do have all vehicles with ESP from Bosch, however the A5 is reacting more sensitive like other vehicles due to the sportive characteristic. This explains why the noise just can be heard at this type"

This answer tells me that everyone who owns a TDI will have this problem. If that is the case howcome I cannot find anyone else reporting this?

And I cannot believe that they are unable to fix it.

Has anyone else experienced this?
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