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Epc light on stange one

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Hi I have a 2014 a5 1.8tfsi auto

I have an engine management light on. Thats on all the time.

The epc light is also on but only under certain circumstances.

When you put the fob into the ignition you have to push the brake pedal in order for it to start.

If I put the fob in whilst having foot on brake pedal the car fires up no trouble. The epc light comes on and goes off as it should.

If I try and start the car with out foot on brake pedal so the needles do a gauge sweep then put foot on pedal and push fob the car fires up but the epc light stays on until I turn car off.

The car runs and drives as it should if you start it either way. Serviced 2 days ago.

Has anybody ever had this before and if so what was the cause?

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Thanks for the reply.

What is ACC mode?

Scanned it and it says code p2556
Ok thank you.

Turns out P2556 - Engine Coolant Level Sensor/Switch: Electrical Malfunction is the code that is logged.

Would this make the epc stay on?
Would you know where it would be
Solved the problem. The water pump was leaking onto the loom causing a short. All the codes were relating to the same 5v circuit.

Replaced the water pump hosing and thermostat. Works perfectly now
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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