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I have a 2009 A5, V6 3.2 with less than 50k miles on it and the EPC light turned on while driving at 180 kph, at the same time the engine stalled and a feo seconds later, the engine exploded.
Unfortunately the warranty had expired but the Mexican Audi Dealer, granted me a courtesy of 70/30 on parts, they had to change the whole engine but when they tried to start the car, the transmition was "parked" and they had to change it too.
After three months finaly I have my car back, I drive it for less than an hour, and the EPC light went on again, accelerating up to less than 4000 RPM, this time appeared a message saying that I should not exceed 4000 RPM and a sign with a tachometer.
I stopped immediatly to call the dealer, he told me to send him the car back but when I restarted the engine both warnings went off. I drove a couple more miles and stored the car. I do not know what is happening, this is not my first and only Audi, and I have never had such an issue before.
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